IT Support & Maintenance

Kartoffel has over 10+ years of IT support and management expertise and provides 24/7 long-term and real-time IT management services for our client’s specific requirements. These expert and scalable management services aim to complement your internal ops teams by ensuring the efficiency of your IT environment and all of its related processes. With its team of software specialists, Kartoffel takes a proactive approach in offering solutions to ensure smooth business operations. We perform periodic system checks, manage application updates, and provide software patches. Our services include,

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Systems tend to break down in an ideal IT ecosystem due to their regular usage. Kartoffel’s Troubleshooting and Maintenance solutions help identify the core cause of the outage and provide the quickest solution to rectify it. Our troubleshooting follows a 5 step process

  • Identify the problem
  • Find the root cause
  • Plan a response
  • Test the solution
  • Repeat until resolved

Application support

Kartoffel provides Application Support for clients to enable the required operational processes needed for the business to succeed. You can rely on us to provide application support to ensure increased business flexibility and optimised IT costs. Our Application support services include

Application Transition

We provide transition services for our clients to migrate their applications from one platform to another with minimal fuss.

Application Modification

Our application development team modifies applications to modernise our client’s applications to increase efficiency and incorporate them into a modern enterprise IT strategy.


We help our clients find bugs and issues in their applications through successive application testing and fix the bugs to ensure the applications run efficiently.

Software Maintenance

With its Software Maintenance services, Kartoffel assists clients in modifying a software product after its delivery. Software maintenance helps update software applications to correct errors and bugs and enhance the software’s performance. For optimal functioning, we perform regular checks on the system and offer services such as

Software Patching

A software patch or fix helps resolve functionality issues and improve security. Kartoffel helps its clients with regular software patches to resolve errors during software use.

New Update

We provide new updates to existing software for our clients to incorporate the latest features to modernise their software.

System Maintenance

System maintenance is essential to keep up with customer needs. Kartoffel provides regular maintenance for its software to improve the overall software, rectify issues or bugs, and boost performance.