Kartoffel aids its clients in building digital creative solutions to help them achieve their business goals.

As an outsourced Product Engineering company with over 50+ trusted partners across the globe, our approach toward product engineering and digital solutions help companies in their rapid business growth.

The core DNA of the company is to utilise creativity and visual brilliance to help deliver visually stunning products with cutting edge technical delivery.

We work with innovative and successful start-ups and medium to large enterprises in different verticals, helping them leverage technology to meet their goals.

We strictly adhere to global standards and a client-focused approach. In a short span, we have worked in different verticals like healthcare, banking, retail, logistics, hospitality and education, building affordable, customised IT solutions and have been a part of 70+ successful product launches. Kartoffel’s intensely trained team works around the clock to ensure that our clients are supported at all stages of their development.


We strongly believe that every person working in Kartoffel must possess unyielding integral values. Integrity is a critical moral value we admire and look for in our employees as it is one of the core values on which co-workers can build trust and relationships. They should always strive to do the right thing even if no one’s watching.


In Kartoffel, Transparency is a highly valued moral principle. We give our employees complete freedom to be transparent with their fellow workers and even with those in positions of authority. We are also highly transparent with our employees as it works both ways. We believe transparency promotes trust, fosters growth, and increases loyalty and the brand value itself.


Teamwork is highly valued in Kartoffel as we are aware that individuals working together can produce better results. Strong collaboration between employees and successful cooperation allows for more creativity and ultimately results in a company’s winning environment.


We appreciate and value employees who take ownership of their work and hold themselves accountable for it. Being responsible develops a ‘can-do’ attitude and helps find solutions faster.

Constant improvement

Employees grow and progress in their careers only when they continuously strive to improve themselves. We encourage our employees to continually upgrade themselves with new skills required to boost their quality of work. Constant improvement is a value we hold in high regard in Kartoffel.

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