Customer Relationship Management

Deploying Kartoffel's Customer Resource Management (CRM) platform improves customer relationships, helps acquire new customers faster and increases their revenue. In a conventional business model, the marketing team provides leads, the sales team follows up and converts them to customers, and the after-sales team supports the clients. Without a common platform to manage leads, customer contacts and data, businesses are prone to human errors. These include sales representatives being late to appointments, poor communication between customers and the team, untraceable leads, missing/corrupted customer data, and businesses losing revenue. Our CRM Platforms help companies to solve these errors.

What is CRM?

Customer Resource Management is a repository tool for sales, marketing, and customer support activities. Over the last few years, it has gained a lot of traction that today, it is seen as a business strategy rather than a tool to manage various teams. With over a decade of experience in building digital products, Kartoffel is skilled at developing CRM systems and customising them to suit our client's needs. We work with the client from requirement gathering to tool deployment to ensure efficient and faster delivery.

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Benefits of CRM

Whether a B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customer), SMB (Small/Medium Business)or an Enterprise organisation, CRM tool implementation aids them in multiple ways.

End-to-end customer engagement

Our CRM software helps manage all contacts and gathers essential customer information, and makes it accessible to anyone within the company. This ensures providing customers with an experience satisfying their requirements.

Increased sales

CRM tool helps businesses streamline their sales process by automation and helps analyse the data to increase sales and productivity. It allows enterprises to enable a standard process that can be utilised by the employees and tweaked to their requirements when issues arise.

Detailed analytics

CRM provides users with meaningful data by breaking it into actionable items and easily understandable metrics. Using these analytics helps businesses in customer acquisition, customer retention, and smooth data management.

Higher productivity and efficiency

Since CRM is primarily automated, it helps businesses let employees focus on critical work requiring human effort rather than straightforward tasks such as drip campaigns. CRM also uses data analytics to display dashboards tabulating diverse data to increase the productivity and efficiency of the business.

Centralised database of information

CRM, with its secured centralised database, helps store all the customer's information. This data is stored virtually within the CRM system and can be accessed by employees to understand what business was previously done with a particular customer, saving the employees time from checking through old files and records.


A glance at our CRM software features:

Lead management

Gaining leads is an integral part of the sales process, but maintaining all these leads is a challenging task. Our CRM software helps businesses manage their leads efficiently with data on the actual needs to provide customer satisfaction.

Reporting and analytics

Kartoffel's CRM software helps our clients transform their business into a 'data-driven' ecosystem. CRM system provides valuable insights into the generated data. This data helps businesses analyse and rectify the abnormalities to gain a competitive advantage.


With our CRM platform, businesses can build a CRM interface for their business verticals from scratch by adding custom functions, layouts, and other customisation modules.

CRM Analytics

Our CRM lets companies use analytics to gain insights into their customer data to make better decisions about the products, services, marketing, and overall communications they offer to their clients.