Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering is essential in creating an online presence for a brand, and businesses need a wide array of digital branding tools to cement their real-world existence. With Kartoffel as your digital branding companion, we help you kickstart your online brand strategy. With various digital engineering services ranging from Social Media Marketing (SMM) to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Influencer Marketing to Email Marketing and other services, you can make sure your digital brand reaches unattainable heights.

Why Digital Marketing?

  • Cost-Efficient
  • High ROI
  • Easily Adaptable
  • Effortless Customer Targeting
  • 24/7 Marketing
  • Wider Audience Reach
  • Easily Trackable



Our Digital Marketing team collects data related to the client, which helps us strategise our marketing campaign. The following information is vital for us to provide our clients with Digital Marketing Services.

  • Brand
  • Target Audience
  • Market Demand for Product/Service
  • Competitors


We create marketing campaigns for the product/service with the data collected from the clients. Together with our Digital Marketing team and graphic artists, we develop a visually appealing campaign based on the client's vision for advertising their product/services across multiple platforms.


Our Digital Marketing teams commence promoting the client’s products or services. Using various Digital Marketing streams such as Search Engines, E-mail, and Affiliate Marketing, we promote the products/services to reach maximum customers and generate maximum revenue at the same time.


The marketing campaign analysis helps our Digital Marketing team identify the grey areas and improve in those areas for future marketing. Results of different promotion channels are collected and analysed to generate sales reports and revenue reports to identify the target audience’s response and consumer behaviour.


With the data gained from the analysis, our marketing team refines the strategies to increase the productivity of the pre-existing and new marketing campaigns.

Our Digital Engineering Services


With the increase in smartphone usage worldwide, Social Media has become an integral part of an individual’s life. Social Media Marketing helps businesses to gain customer attention directly. With social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter gaining millions of users worldwide, it is vital to utilise this potential to attain new customers.

At Kartoffel, we make sure our campaigns are constantly reviewed for progress. Our clients receive a detailed analytics report to track campaigns and gain inputs that can be implemented to improve their business.


With plenty of businesses going online, a product needs to be advertised digitally to boost sales. Search Engine Marketing ensures that the product/service reaches a larger customer base by increasing traffic to the website from the search engine results page (SERP). Search engines account for 68% of online experiences. With the proper Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy, we can divert the traffic onto the website. We bring qualified leads at the lowest cost possible with our expertise. Our team of Google certified analysts are experts in running targeted advertising, customised Ad campaigns across Google, displaying banner networks, Youtube marketing and Facebook blueprint within the allocated budget. Our data analysis team also monitors enquiry patterns and helps expand results through constant reviews.

We continually develop creative strategies to improve campaign performance with efficient tracking through Google Analytics constantly. We simultaneously work on SEO, Content marketing, and PPC strategy and optimise them to deliver the best results through Search Engine Marketing.


Online Reputation Management (ORM) integrates traditional marketing, search engine marketing, and public relations of a business. ORM is a process that incorporates monitoring, addressing, or mitigating SERPs (search engine result pages) and comments on social media to increase the reputation of a brand in the online space. Most businesses have an online presence with either a website or social media handles, and it is essential to handle their reputation by preventing negative reviews or comments. Businesses need to protect their brand, which can only be done with a proper ORM platform.

Influencer Management

Influencers help in elevating our client’s marketing efforts by attracting new customers. Kartoffel’s Influencer Management team helps our clients promote their product/service online by partnering with influencers who have clout capable of swaying purchase decisions.

Our team connects up the ideal social media influencers on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for your brand to steer the attention of hundreds of thousands of followers and engaged consumers.


Search Engine Optimisation is how you bring your website to people’s attention. But, it can be a daunting task since there are several factors you need to tackle to increase your website rankings. A robust SEO process is critical to putting your website in front of your desired audience.

Our SEO experts will bring your website to the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) through proven strategies coupled with their expertise. So, if you’re looking to hire SEO experts, don’t look any further. Our professional SEO services include

On-page SEO

A few wrong elements could drag your SEO score down despite having a stunning website. We audit your website thoroughly and fix every issue with our expert team. We monitor every aspect, such as heading, title, and page speed, to ensure the website performs seamlessly across every Search engine.

We make the On-Page SEO flawless by regularly updating the website with the latest SEO developments.

Keyword Research

With the increase in competition, finding the right and relevant keywords is crucial to getting higher rankings in Google’s listing.

Our SEO experts are extremely thorough in their keyword research as they leverage keyword research tools to filter the best keywords which would drive traffic to the website.

Link building services

With link building services, it helps boost the search engine rankings by increasing the number of quality inbound links to a webpage or website with genuine and authentic links. We get high-quality websites and influencers to link to the website through proven link-building strategies. Some of our link building strategies include

  • Commenting on blogs
  • Social Media promotion
  • Link submission in public directories

E-mail Marketing

E-mail is one of the oldest digital communication modes but is still an excellent marketing tool with a userbase of 4 billion. With e-mail marketing, one doesn’t have to worry about algorithm changes impacting the reach of a business. Kartoffel’s E-mail marketing team creates engaging promotional messages and sends them to people in mass quantities to generate sales or leads. E-mail Marketing helps businesses to

  • drive sales
  • boost brand awareness
  • generate leads
  • keep customers engaged
  • increase customer loyalty and lifetime value

Blog Marketing

Blog marketing helps reach your business target market through blog writing. Kartoffel curates high-quality blogs and articles which will engage your audience with valuable and relevant information. Blog marketing helps businesses build a loyal community of users through the comprehensive blog.

By incorporating creative images and infographics into the blogs and using our effective Content Marketing strategies, we ensure maximum engagement.