Education enables the improvement of an individual's socioeconomic status and is vital in enhancing their knowledge domain. As a pioneer in EduTech, Kartoffel provides the education sector with innovative and efficient IT services to stimulate futuristic learning solutions for educational institutions. In-app features like video-conferencing, mock tests, virtual assignments and assessments help students in an engaging and inclusive educational experience. Kartoffel's EduTech solutions allow institutes to focus solely on their teaching competency.

Services we provide for the education sector

  • App and Website Development
  • Learning Management System
  • App/Website Maintenance & Support
  • Digital Marketing Services

Clients we have worked with:


Any Body Read Biology (ABRB) is an Education and Research academy located in Chennai, Pondicherry and Hyderabad dedicated to the Medical & Dental field for the past 20 years. Kartoffel developed web and mobile applications for 'ABRB's e-school learning program', consisting of chapters with real-time video sessions and chapter-wise questions banks. We also built their website and provided maintenance for mobile and web applications. We also created content for the 'ABRB's e-school learning program' by providing audio recordings and published content on mobile and web apps.

Champs Academy

Champs Academy offers a holistic learning platform for early childhood education through artistic and practical activities to enhance IQ and also equip kids with the skills required for social, emotional, and moral skills. Kartoffel provided them with the learning materials by carefully curating the authentic content such that it enhances the IQ of kids. We offered our graphic design services and developed the website for Champs Academy with details on programs offered, their collaborations, and a gallery to showcase their courses.

Prime Read

Prime Read is an android app through which the users would be able to read or listen to the précis of a book to get the overall content in a condensed form. Kartoffel developed the android app for users to access the Prime Read's précis of a book. Using our app's backend system, we publish the précis of newly published books.


Olive Tree Global Education Campus aims to bring world-class education within reach of families residing in Chennai by focusing on personalised teaching and quality learning. Kartoffel built its website with specific web pages for mission & vision, available facilities, infrastructure, curriculum, and admission details.

Understanding Photography With Kim Ayres

Understanding Photography With Kim Ayres (UPWKA) is a one-stop educational portal curated by Kim Ayres to improve photography skills. Kartoffel built a web app with member-only accessibility for photography tips, discussion forums for photographers, and a separate podcast webpage.

Sara Preschool

Sara's Preschool aspires to provide kids with an ecosystem that enables kids the aptitude to learn and gain knowledge with the Montessori Method of learning. Kartoffel provided them with a website describing the programs offered, gallery and testimonial pages.


Kiddle is an E-Commerce website that specialises in STEM and STREAM curriculum-based educational products designed, developed, and marketed by Kartoffel. Kiddle provides STEM / STREAM based educational activity kits for kids between ages 3 and 12. At Kiddle, we design and test every kit while ensuring it evokes your child's interests to provide practical application of academic concepts.

Epsilon Academy

Epsilon Academy is an educational institute whose robust concept-oriented teaching approach helps CBSE board students of class IX-XII excel in their academics. Kartoffel designed their website and application and provided them with our digital marketing services.

Gateway International School

Gateway Group of International Schools aims to provide children with global inputs and an environment with all the latest technologies built within each school that integrates individual and group learning. Kartoffel developed a website showcasing their branch of schools, community services and a contact page.

Hashtag Talent

Hashtag Talent is an online portal aimed at bringing instructors and learners under a single portal by providing business and technical courses to help individuals and companies to develop their skills. We developed a complete web app with the ability for instructors to upload their content materials to the portal and for students to subscribe to their required courses by paying.