Kartoffel helps individuals accelerate their process of achieving the goal towards which they have been working. To accomplish your business objectives and enable interaction with your audiences requires an out of the box concept to engage their attention. Gamification is the process of incorporating gaming designs and ideas into learning and training scenarios to make individuals more engaging and entertaining for the learner. We, Kartoffel, have been in the game development industry for nine years, and hence we can help you develop your idea to make it more interactive and fun.

Benefits of Gamification

Live Feedback

Live feedback helps individuals track their progress and adjust the input to achieve the preset goals. Collecting user feedback also helps solve the business issues, and it allows individuals to figure out where to improve.


Gamification increases the audience’s engagement with the app. Other vital metrics such as unique visitors, page views per visitor, on-site time, frequency of visits, participation, and conversation go up as engagement goes up.

Boost productivity

Gamifying the system within the business module enables individuals to accomplish those tasks.


With its enhanced UX, gamification provides an interactive experience for the user while using the apps.