Health Care

Healthcare Technology helps diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases that directly affect the quality of people's lives. As long-time technology partners with healthcare providers, Kartoffel understands their specific challenges and assists healthcare providers in making a seamless transition to digital healthcare by connecting Hospitals, Patients, Diagnostic centres and pharmaceuticals under one digital platform. We also implement insights-driven solutions for efficient and digitally-accessible healthcare, such as cloud-based health management systems and hospital management systems.

Services we provide for the healthcare sector:

Clients we have worked with:

Neuberg Diagnostics

Neuberg Diagnostics is a prominent diagnostic centre branched across India, UAE & South Africa that uses the latest technology and techniques in healthcare diagnostic services. Kartoffel provided mobile app development services for Android and iOS devices with capabilities such as virtual lab test booking, finding nearby labs, sample tracking, and report analysis.


MyLabConnect is a digital platform that helps connect dentists and dental labs. Kartoffel developed a mobile app for Dentists to communicate with their labs with virtual booking, real-time case tracking and one-click support. We also developed a website for Mylab Connect with details about their services.

Ishwarya Fertility Centre

Ishwarya Fertility Centre, established in 1990, has one of India's highest IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation ) experiences. Kartoffel developed a mobile application for Ishwarya Fertility Centre with courses on pregnancy and maternity. This app enables pregnant women to subscribe to these courses and attend webinars conducted by experts from the fertility centre.

Selvi School of Sonology

Selvi School of Sonology is an institute dedicated to education and research in diagnostic ultrasound for the past 15 years. Kartoffel created a website from scratch and developed a mobile and web application for providing ultrasound training with modules consisting of live demonstrations, audiovisual aids and various other training materials.


The Tamil Nadu Dental Council (TNDC) is a statutory body to register dentists & regulate the profession of dentistry in Tamilnadu. Kartoffel created a website with features such as dental sciences registrations, request and download certificates virtually, and membership renewals. We also developed the TNDC Admin web application to manage appointments, report generation, bill management and payments and grievances list.


DigiDoc is a cloud-based health management system that forms a complete health ecosystem connecting Doctors, Patients, Pharmacies and Diagnostic centres. Kartoffel developed Patient and Doctor applications to enable patients to access medical services remotely using the web and mobile devices with features like video conferencing, booking online appointments, and getting real-time consultations. Digidoc Pharmacy app gives access to the necessary medicines for the patient and helps pharma companies dispense them promptly. Digidoc Diagnostics app bridges the Diagnostic Centres with the patients and the doctors to run tests and send the results simultaneously.

Delta Hospitals

Delta Hospitals in Mugaliwakkam-Chennai provides quality healthcare at an affordable cost to people. We created a website with details about the services offered by Delta Hospitals. With the help of Kartoffel's marketing tools, like social media promotions and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), they could attract a significant number of customers online.

Chennai Emergency Care Centre

Chennai Emergency Care Centre(CECC) is a multi-specialised hospital in Pammal-Tamilnadu, focused on providing affordable, high-quality care. Kartoffel developed the website from the ground up. We also developed a Hospital Management System, a web application that helps manage the information related to health care and aids in the job completion of health care providers effectively. This web application helps manage medical appointments, bills, payments and patient data, to name some of the features.

Credo Health

Credo Health offers AI-driven personalised precision care management for lifestyle illness patients. Kartoffel provided them with a website with a descriptive explanation of their services. We worked with Credo Health to provide digital marketing services such as SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Sculpt Dental Studio

Sculpt Dental Studio provides the people of Chennai with needed Invisalign and advanced Orthodontic treatment. We created a website with the types of treatments provided by Sculpt and the ability to book appointments virtually. We also provided digital marketing services to promote their services online.

Best Gastro Care

Best gastro care is one of the leading Gastroenterology treatment providers in Chennai. Kartoffel developed an SEO-optimized website covering all their services and used our Digital marketing services to enhance their online visibility.

Prabha Physio Care

Prabha Physio care is a physiotherapy centre specialising in electrotherapy and exercise therapy. Kartoffel built a highly dynamic website to satisfy their demands and provided the necessary marketing tools to promote their work using social media promotions and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).