Human Resource Management

Kartoffel provides Human Resource Management (HRM) to improve operational excellence by being more time and cost-efficient. Our HRM services enable bridging the relationship gap between HR and Employees by letting them focus more on their core activities. We help them satisfy their business needs regardless of the industry's size due to its scalability. Our HRM services are focused on enhancing, developing, and implementing the best Human Resource Management practices.

Why HRM?

Human Resource Management (HRM) helps recruit, hire, deploy, and manage an organisation's employees. HRM software seamlessly manages and automates all crucial HR tasks and undertakes HR operations like employee information, payroll processing, attendance tracking, onboarding, and much more, boosting productivity.


A significant advantage of deploying our HRM is that it is cost-effective. Due to its high scalability, organisations can choose their required modules, and if needed, newer modules can be added when their business expands.

Enhanced Staff Management

Our HRM system helps improve the HR efficiency of businesses by enhancing staff management features such as payroll management, talent management and attendance management.

Timely Updates and Reminders

By generating notifications, our HRM software makes sure that all employees are updated on any remaining pending actions and upcoming events within the organisation.

Comprehensive Reports

Use the reporting module to gain real-time data and personalise reports from the date range to specific columns required for the visual representation, which helps gain valuable insights into the organisation.

Interactive Interface

We provide HRM with full customisation features for our clients to develop an interface that they can customise to their requirements.


Employee Onboarding

Streamline the onboarding process and eliminate paperwork with our HRM system. Employee Onboarding brings the recruits into the organisation before the first day by reducing the initial tasks of submitting documents to signing multiple forms. Sign and collect all documents and forms online before the first day by collaborating with the technical and HR Teams to ensure all tasks and requirements are done for the new hire to ensure a smooth first day.

Employee Database Management

Employee Database Management allows employees to enter, update and access their data. An efficient employee database software should be able to provide self-service, where the employees themselves can add, edit and view their information securely. It also helps in reducing human error and saves time.

Time Off Management

Manage the entire team's time off, leaves and holidays under a single system. Our HRM software enables organisations to manage their time-off policies, update local holiday calendars and approvals, and track partial or full working hours with instant alerts and notifications to help supervisors.

Workflow Management

Every organisation tends to have a workflow to complete its projects on time. The HRM system's workflow management builds and tracks these processes to complete projects within the stipulated time by customising the workflow according to the project requirements and defining responsibilities for the employees.

Time Tracking

The HRM system with time tracking software allows employees to track their work time with one button. The time report creation will give managers more insight into an employee's working time. The organisation can use this data to create better estimates, streamline its workflow, and finish projects on time.