Learning Management System

Utilise our Learning Management System to enhance your Institution. Kartoffel's LMS tools help educational institutions to migrate their learning experience to digital platforms. Pandemic has initiated educational institutes to move past physical classrooms and invest in virtual classrooms to improve their quality of education.

Why LMS?

The LMS software enables institutes to create, manage and deliver online study materials for students. Educators can upload materials, schedule and manage sessions, give assessments, and maintain the student database and activity with this platform. Education administrators can track the student's attendance, test performance, and exam grades. The system can provide you with the individual analysis and assessment of every student, making it easier to determine where improvement is needed.

Benefits of LMS

Streamlined Education

Our LMS platform can accomplish setting assignments and providing study materials, quizzes, assessments, and evaluations without complications.

Intuitive learning

The Learning Management System provided by a company can be configured to increase the difficulty of self-quizzes, motivate students, and gamify the learning environment to get students more involved in the learning process.

Activity tracking

Instructors can monitor the student's attendance, assign work, and track their progress. It is easy to access and review data- like test results- as they are collated and stored within the LMS platform.

Accessed anywhere

With LMS, students can access materials and assignments and take tests anywhere. They can communicate with the tutors and get their doubts clarified in real-time.


Our LMS platform can be scaled to your requirement depending on the institution's size. With complete customisation, institutes can choose to implement their desired modules like User management, Course management module, Roles management module and Student module within the LMS platform.



Kartoffel's LMS platform collects data from every interaction to create various pictorial representations to generate dashboards.

Course Authoring

Institutions can use the built-in authoring tools within the system to create or upload various types of files for course content.

Video Support

Our LMS is capable of storing high-quality videos to provide students with clarity in the subject taught by the educators.

Assessment Tools

Our Learning platform helps institutions Seamlessly Create, Deliver, Track, and Analyse Assessments. Using assessment tools, instructors can assist students in providing education on areas where they lose focus.

Progress Tracking

Our tool uses data analytics to track the progress of the course taken up by a student and provide the educators with this data to adapt new courses to fit individual needs.

Exam Preparation Tools

Using the Kartoffel's LMS, educators can create exam questions for the students, including Multiple Choice, Yes/No, Fill-in the Blanks and Essay Questions. Students can practice tests by selecting questions from the available topic list to prepare for examinations.

Centralised Learning Catalog

The LMS stores all the content related to eLearning courses. To provide more tailored learning experiences, administrators and instructors can create and manage these catalogues and courses.