Media & Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment Industry has seen a continuous transition in the technology used, from hard disks to cloud storage and film cameras to digital. With the advent of OTT (Over the top) services like Prime, Netflix, and HBO Max, users have increasingly accessed media content online. Kartoffel provides digital entertainment solutions tailored to the requirements of dynamic industries by leveraging next-generation technology.

Services we provide for Media & Entertainment sector

  • Mobile Game Development
  • AR/VR Game Development
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • App Maintenance & Support
  • Digital Marketing Services

Clients we have worked with:


With a customer base in 80+ countries, HeroTalkies is a subscription-based entertainment & online streaming service that provides high-quality Kollywood entertainment for Tamil audiences across the globe. Kartoffel developed a dynamic OTT mobile app with secure sign-in, cast to screen, and push notification capabilities on the iOS and Android platforms.


Lightrider VR is a virtual reality showcase app for the world's first 3D printed bike designed by the Airbus subsidiary (APWorks). Kartoffel set up a fast-paced 3D design and a VR laboratory in a short span to develop the Lightrider VR application. The application was also showcased at the PLM Europe Convention by APWorks.


Shvedh is a film production company founded by actor Nithin Satya to provide premium content and create stories to impact the mind of audiences. Kartoffel developed a game for the movie 'Jarugandi' with a basic plot from the movie's story involving levels such as car races and puzzle games involving lock picking and bomb diffusing levels. We also designed their website with information about the company, press releases, photos and trailers, and links to their social channels.

Foretell XI

Foretell XI is a fantasy cricket gaming app aiming to enrich the livelihood of its users by providing daily needs as part of our gift structure by giving valuable gifts. Kartoffel provided Foretell XI with our app development services for mobile (Android, iOS) with Live Leaderboard, Daily and Weekly Fantasy Matches and AI Integration for Analytics.

Word Clan

Word Clan is a word game to play with friends or fellow players online. We used the Unity Game Development platform to build the game from scratch with multi-player and efficient word management capability to reject or accept the word input given by the user.

Indrajith Run

Indrajith Run is an endless runner game based on a character from the movie 'Indrajith' produced by Thirupathi Brothers. Kartoffel developed the game using the Unity Game Development platform with in-game assets, a scoreboard, and a social-media sharing feature to share player's scores on social media.