VR/AR Development

Metaverse is considered the next giant step in the internet space, and it is excepted that AR/VR will play a vital role in it. AR and VR, which comes under the Extended Reality (XR) category, have brought a revolution in the gaming world, which is now being applied in several other sectors such as education, healthcare, architecture, engineering and many more. When there is enormous growth potential in the Metaverse for AR and VR, it is rightful that you jump right into it, and that is where we come in. We, Kartoffel, provide you with a talented pool of developers and graphic designers to help you in your quest to achieve AR/VR gaming capability. We develop AR/VR games and apps compatible with mobile devices and AR/VR devices such as Oculus, Procus, and HoloLens

Our Work


Lightrider VR is a virtual reality showcase app for the world’s first 3D printed bike designed by the Airbus subsidiary (APWorks). Kartoffel set up a fast-paced 3D design and a VR laboratory in a short span to develop the Lightrider VR application. The application was also showcased at the PLM Europe Convention by APWorks.

CCFC Goalkeeping

CCFC Goalkeeping is a VR game designed by our game developers to simulate a goalkeeper’s view for users to experience a goalkeeper’s immersive first-person view (FPV).